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Thanks for visiting! I look forward to helping you tap into all that Mother Nature has to offer us, whether it be through foraged teas, some of the salts and other goodies I think up, or through an educational stroll through the wildnerness.

Here is a short list of the items I may be able to find for you out in the wild:

Springtime Teas

These are typically ‘greener’ in flavour, a little more astringent or pungent. Think like a traditional white or green tea compared to a black tea. The base flavours of each plant really come through but without the same kind of depth or sweetness they would have later in the year.

Labrador “Green” Tea

Labrador Blossom Tea (flavourful and flowery!)

Sweet Gale “Green” Tea

Goldenrod “Green” Tea

Sweetfern “Green” Tea

Birch Twig and Maple Blossom Tea (early spring)

Spruce Tip Tea (early spring)

White Pine Tip Tea

Evergreens Tip Tea (Spruce, White Pine, and Cedar)

Boreal Blend “Green” Tea (White Pine Tips, Cedar, Birch Twig/buds and Labrador Tea)

Summertime Teas

Labrador Tea

Sweet Gale Tea

Sweet Fern Tea

Goldenrod Blossom Tea

Mullein Tea

Yarrow Blossom Tea

Birch Twig Tea

Wild Berry Leaf Tea (any combination of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry)

Boreal Blend Tea (White Pine, Cedar, Birch Twig, Labrador Tea)

Autumn Teas

Wintergreen Tea

Labrador Tea

Anytime Teas

These are teas that can be foraged throughout the entire year. Note however that due to the changing nature of the plants as the seasons transition, the winter flavour may not be the same as their spring flavour.

Cedar Tea

White Pine Tea

Spruce Tea

Salt Blends

Sea salts blended with a variety of foraged goods, similar to the “Herbamare” brand of salt. Can be purchased in a fine grind or chunky for a finishing salt.

White Pine Salt

White Pine Tip Salt

Spruce Tip Salt

Springtime Greens Salt (Goldenrod and Yarrow, great for poultry!)

Goldenrod Blossom Salt

…and keep checking things out as this list will be changing and evolving as I become more aquainted with Mother Nature and the gifts she has to give us.


The Blog is under construction. Currently most of my posts are simple musings and entries that have helped me along my healing journey. And as plants have also helped, I’ll be writing some stories and posting some info about my flowering friends as well. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Lynn Bulloch on said:

    Jessica, thanks so much for sharing this and continuing to put your journey out there.
    You are a brave and resilient woman.
    Peace be with you, and happy IWD, even if it’s a little late.
    Much love to you and Lisa!


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